Saburtalo Hall

About Project

Saburtalo Hall is a Business Centre combining comfortable commercial and office spaces. The Centre is an ideal venue for business meetings, conferences, events and social activities.

Office and commercial space

The main advantage of the Business Centre along with its unique central location is a green landscape with perennial trees covering more than 2900 sq.m including its own parking lot for 145 vehicles.

Underground parking

Ground parking

11 Floor

Commercial Spaces

2 Floor

Restaurant, Bar & Lounge

3-5 Floors

Office Spaces

6 Floor


Business center facilities

  • Reception
  • Office and commercial spaces
  • Co-working space and conference halls
  • Restaurant, Bar and Lounge
  • Italian bakery
  • Green landscaped yard
  • Open air and indoors terraces
  • Parking lot
  • internal and external elevators
  • Central heating and cooling system
  • 24-hour security service




On the second floor of Business Center, 640 sq. m Contains:
Restaurant- represented with a unique taste of Mediterranean Sea
Bar and Lounge with green landscaped terrace.

The last floor of the Business Centre accommodates a hall and a terrace surrounded by the stunning views which is ideal place for the conferences and corporate events.

Italian bakery

Contact us

Project deadline: 09.09.2019

Address: 18a Vazha-Pshavela Avenue, 0178, Tbilisi, Georgia

Phone number: +995 551 11 44 55